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September 7. 2021 Corn Processing Machines Were Packaged and Shipped to Venezuela On September 7. 20

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  WinTone's Complete Set of Corn Processing Machines Were Packaged and Shipped to Venezuela On September 7. 2021.

  In the morning, containers from Qingdao Port entered finished product workshop. Under the orderly dispatch of relevant staff, these machines and spare parts were gradually loaded by forklifts.

  This loading operation is Venezuela's third production line this year. Since the first cooperation in 2019. customers have witnessed the charm of Made in China and increased their orders year by year. Due to the impact of the epidemic and floods this year, WINTONE's order production is very saturated. The general manager pointed out: "Risks and opportunities coexist, and our cooperative customers can have more opportunities if they are one step faster".  He made an emphasis on Venezuela's order: "Overcome difficulties, complete the assault". Staffs have completed the order equipment in 20 days.

  It is precisely because of the emphasis on the needs of partners, products quality, timeliness, engineering quality and after-sales service that WINTONE's international business has grown geometrically in recent years.

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