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Rice Processing Plants
Complete Rice Milling Plant

Complete Rice Milling Plant

Finished product:Good quality brown rice, white rice, germ rice, etc

Production capacity:100ton, 150ton, 200ton,300ton, 500ton, 1000ton as required

Core equipment:Complete rice processing plant includes: grain cleaning machine, Destoner, grain husking machine, paddy separator, rice milling machine,rice polisher, grader and classifier, rice color sorter,  conveyor, measuring and packing machine etc. Users can choose

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  Rice processing technology covers the full range of rice and paddy handling from pre-cleaning, paddy storage, dryers, hullers, polishers, rice whiteners, rice graders, optical sorters to bagging.

  We offer much more than machines.Our company will help you build full automatic turnkey project, which will help speed up your processes. Our engineers team help improve efficiency, food safety or energy savings with all types of rice plants and flour mills worldwide.


Because the uneven quality of raw paddy, the purpose of cleaning is to remove all kinds of impurities in the paddy through various cleaning equipment, making it meet the quality requirement of further processing.
Removing large, small and light impurities in rice according to their different size and shape from the paddy.
Gravity grading:
Separating impurities base on their differences in density, friction coefficient, suspended speed and other physical characteristics with the paddy through the gravity grading equipment.
Magnetic separation:
By putting the paddy through the magnetic field, the ferromagnetic impurities are separated hence avoid damaging to the processing facilities.
To ensure the quality of flour and protecting the processing equipment, before entering into the milling process from temporary storage, the pre-cleaned wheat needs further cleaning. This process utilizes a variety of means, such as screening, aspiration separation, magnetic separation, stone removal, wheat scouring, optical sorting and so on.
—Low power consumption;
—Good cleaning effect;
—Easy operation, low maintenance.
Hulling & Separating
The cleaned paddy enters into the hulling process, and the husks are removed by the hulling equipment to obtain pure brown rice.
Complete separation of paddy and husks;
Low broken rate.
Rice milling
Rice milling is the process of to separate and remove the husk and bran to obtain the edible portion of paddy. It is the process which transforms paddy into edible rice. The process has to be accomplished with care to prevent excessive breakage and improve the quality of rice.
To reduce breakage and the grain temperature during the whitening process, the paddy is normally passed through several whitening and polishing machines connected in series. The arrangement of machines to process the rice is dependent on the physical characteristics of paddy. Proper sequencing and arrangement of the machines will help lower the broken rate.
According to the quality requirement of end product, we provide reasonable configuration and arrangement of machines in the process design ensuring the quality standard of finished product with lower energy consumption.
High yield with less broken rice;


  • Streamline production

    Combined equipment for cleaning and removing impurities, removing stones, hulling, separating coarse grains, milling and grading broken rice, etc.

  • Hommization

    Simple operation, convenient maintenance, high degree of automation, beautiful appearance, small floor area, etc.

  • The finished product is good

    In the milling room, strong draught is used, the rice temperature is low, there is no bran powder, and the rice quality is crystal clear.

  • General industry

    New combined equipment for farm, market town, grain office, grain processing enterprise and specialized household.


  • Complete Rice Milling Plant
  • Complete Rice Milling Plant
  • Complete Rice Milling Plant


Complete Rice Milling Plant FINISHED PRODUCTS

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