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Wheat Processing Plants
50 Ton Flour Mill Plant

50 Ton Flour Mill Plant

Finished product:whole wheat flour, wheat flour, atta flour

Production capacity:15ton/day,50ton/day,100ton/day

Core equipment:Bin, cleaning and conditioning equipment, roller mill, purifier, plansifter, packing machine.

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  We develop complete solutions for wheat processing - from traditional wheat flour mills to combined mills for whole wheat and atta flour.

  The machines of this series of compact wheat flour mill are designed and installed together with the steel structure support. The main structure consists of three levels: roller mills are located on the ground floor; sifters are installed on the second floor and the cyclones and pneumatic pipes are on the third floor. The materials from the roller mill are lifting by a pneumatic transferring system. The whole mill can be installed in a warehouse and individual designs can meet customer different requirements.


  • Wide application

    Widely applied in small and middle wheat mills or farm in developing country;

  • Compact and elaborate design

    Compact and elaborate design ensure Low investment and low power consumption and running costs;

  • Good roller mills

    Good milling is all about the process - how to reliably separate impurities from grain and then separate the different pieces that make up the grain; improving your yield and quality of your product.

  • High-quality wheat flour

    Automation and digital services can also help to get the most out of your mill and increase food safety and traceability.


  • 50 Ton Flour Mill Plant
  • 50 Ton Flour Mill Plant
  • 50 Ton Flour Mill Plant


50 Ton Flour Mill Plant FINISHED PRODUCTS

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