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Intelligent Grain Processing Equipment in the 13th Flour Industry International Summit Forum

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  On November 5th, the 13th Flour Industry International Summit Forum and New Flour Milling Technology and New Equipment Exhibition and Exchange Conference was held as scheduled in Dezhou, Shandong.

  Win Tone participated in this forum with the company's self-developed intelligent grain processing equipment. Participating in the forum, the grain machinery industry, corporate elites, flour and flour products merchants from all over the world exchanged on the latest technology and latest achievements of the industry, and jointly discussed the future high-quality development of the flour and flour product intelligent equipment industry.

  Win Tone, as a leading grain processing technology and equipment manufacturer, grandly launched the new intelligent wheat corn mycotoxin reduction machine, intelligent quadruple grain dehulling machine, intelligent R series fine dehulling machine, and intelligent oat dehulling machine at this conference. These four types of equipment have many advantages such as intelligence, high efficiency and energy saving, prevention of excessive grain processing, and large output.

  In response to changes in market demand, Win Tone continuously adjusts and improves the processing technology, and applies intelligent, low-energy-consumption equipment to the process. And for different regions, different processes suitable for local raw grain processing are adopted to increase the rate of finished products, so that each grain of grain can achieve greater value, and the value of customers' products can be greater.

grain dehulling machine
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