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where is the maize milling machine easy to wear?

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There are two kinds of traditional maize milling machinery wear, one is oxidation reaction with atmospheric substances, and the other is wear and tear with acid, alkali and salt, the latter is more serious than the former, and the maize milling machinery is in production. Due to the use of various forces, certain wear and tear will occur, and the operator needs to regularly maintain and repair the components of the maize milling machine.

maize milling machine


  1. Motor failure. The main power of the maize milling machine is provided by the motor. Therefore, the motor failure needs to be paid attention to by the corn manufacturer. Among the various reasons for the failure of corn processing equipment, excessive temperature is a very common factor.

  2. The air-closing device is faulty. Due to the poor air-closing of the maize milling machine, the dough bag may be sucked up. The common reasons are air leakage at each connection, wear of the impeller, etc. If the impeller is worn, we can install a rubber plate on the outer edge.

  3. Electrical failure: The maize milling machine cannot be started, and the common reasons are poor contact or disconnection of the single-machine control circuit, and burnout of the AC contactor coil.

maize milling machine

  4. Failure of the screw agitator: the shaft of the agitator does not rotate because of excessive feeding, slippage of the transmission belt, etc.; the grain outlet does not discharge grain because the rotation direction of the motor is incorrect.

  To sum up, the wear and tear of corn milling machinery is essential, but as long as the equipment is properly maintained, some wear and tear can still be reduced. It can also effectively prolong the service life of the equipment, so that the corn processing equipment can complete the work smoothly and improve the work efficiency.

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