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New millet processing technology and advantages

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  For millet processing equipment, the market demand has been changing, so if the market is to develop sustainably in the long run, it is necessary to innovate in technical force, and some new millet processing equipment has already been used in the market. The new processing equipment is of high quality, and the quality of the millet processed is better, which meets the production requirements of the manufacturer and brings good benefits to the manufacturer. So, what are the advantages of the new millet processing equipment compared with traditional processing equipment?

millet processing

  1. The new millet processing equipment technology adopts a new process of first shelling and then light grinding, which completely solves the problems of hard grinding with shells, easy grinding and uneven grinding in the traditional process.

  2. Processing equipment, the new equipment is equipped with China Win Tone Machinery's cleaning equipment, shelling equipment, new milling equipment and millet excellent grading equipment independently developed by our company. The application of these new technologies and equipment enables the equipment to have a high rice yield, a low broken rice rate and a bright golden finish.

  3. The equipment and process are perfect. The millet processing equipment is fully automated and continuous, from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to millet grading and bagging, and power distribution. The process is smooth and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

  4. The energy consumption of the new processing equipment is low, the equipment avoids the traditional high energy consumption equipment, and all new energy-saving equipment is used, and the unit energy consumption of the whole machine is small.

millet processing

  5. The new millet processing equipment adopts a new process of first shelling and then light grinding, which completely solves the problems of hard grinding with shells, easy grinding and uneven grinding in the traditional process. It is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small. It is also suitable for large public areas such as canteens.

  Before operating the millet processing equipment, preparations and inspections should be done during the period to ensure that the adjustment of the inlet and outlet gates is in place, so as to ensure that the milled rice is not only white but also very fine, and there is no broken rice. To ensure the quality of millet processing, we should pay attention to the adjustment of rice knives, ensure that the gap between the rice knives and the rolling mill is within the normal working range, and avoid the quality of rice milling due to the excessive gap between the two.

millet processing

  Millet processing equipment regulates market competition, and market demand will inevitably bring competition. Relevant departments should safeguard the interests of regular manufacturers, and by strengthening management, they will clean up and rectify those manufacturers with low-level production technology and no production capacity. Protect the interests of regular manufacturers, improve the quality level and technical level of the entire industry, and improve the competitiveness of products.

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